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Cataract Treatment & Eye Surgery Services in Davenport, FL

Prevent vision loss with cataract treatment, eye surgery, and other procedures from our staff in Davenport, Florida. The Cataract and Laser Eye Institute provides comprehensive services to suit the specific eye care needs of each patient.

Complete Eye Care:

For the health of your eye, it is recommended that you have your eyes examined every two years. However, senior citizens should have their eyes checked every year. After all, the best way to combat any eye disease is through early detection.
Eye Exam - Ophthalmology in Davenport, FL
Eye Surgery - Ophthalmology in Davenport, FL

Exam Options:

• Diabetic Eye Exams
• Cataract Eye Exams

Treatment & Surgery for:

• Diabetes
• Glaucoma
• Corneal Disorders
• Astigmatisms
• Macular Degeneration & Retinal Disorders
(Vitamins Also Available)
• Conjunctivitis
• Corneal Transplants
• Diabetic Retinopathy
• Dry Eye
• No Stitch Cataract Surgery


We also offer laser capsulotomy. This noninvasive treatment is fast, simple, and effective for treating secondary cataracts.

Cosmetic Services:

• Botox™ Injections
• Facial Restylane® Injections
Contact us for care and procedures that restore your eye health and protect your vision.